The Brewery

Our ethos

At Stonyslope Brewing Company, we serve to honour the history of the great brewmasters before us, and see the beauty in the simple things.

We aim to capture the mystique of ancient beer, the artistry of the land from which its ingredients are raised, and the warmth of the togetherness it brings.

An image of a deep forest with a close up shot of an evergreen branch in the foreground, symbolizing the beauty in the simple things; Our ethos at Stonyslope Brewing Company
A draped linen, representing the Scandinavian philosophy of hygge; something we strive for at Stonyslope Brewing Company

Like a warm hug on a cold day, the Scandinavian philosophy of ‘Hygge’, or coziness and contentment, encompass our brewery. Pull up a chair, relax and grab a pint with us today.

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An large image of a rural Albertan schoolhouse, which was the basis for the name of our brand, Stonyslope Brewing Company

gone but not forgotten

A circular emblem with our logo and the word's 'World Inspired, Locally Sourced'; a statement we brew by at Stonyslope Brewing Company

Founded in 1930, Stonyslope was a one-room school house in eastern Alberta that once stood on our family farm.

These days, it shares the name of our family-founded brewery.

A black and white photo of our family farm and the sign for Stonyslope schoolhouse, where it once stood
Juniper in the wilderness; an example of the Albertan-sourced ingredients we brew with at Stonyslope Brewing Company

Along with a new and restored Stonyslope, we’re also restoring rare and ancient beer traditions—with home-grown Albertan ingredients. All on the very same family farm.

An image of a field on the Stonyslope Brewing Company family farm, where we are sourcing our own crop. Join us in our commitment to harvest locally-sourced ingredients: Inquire about the Urban Barley Project today

Our commitment to

Through The Urban Barley Project, Stonsylope Brewing Company gives locally-sourced ingredients an entirely new meaning. Join us in our quest to turn your unused green spaces into a place where we can all grow the world’s best beer ingredients.