old beer*

*Traditions, that is. Our beer is brewed daily in-house.
A pint glass with a blonde ale sitting in the sun on a wooden table
Some friends sitting at Stonyslope Brewing Company, at a wooden table enjoying some beers

Get cozy

Our newly opened taproom can accommodate up to 45 people. Perfect for hosting parties, gatherings and high-stakes drinking contests.

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An image of the Stonyslope Brewing Company signature beer, the Osmotar Sahti

Osmotar Sahti

This beer takes its cues from bronze age brewing traditions in Scandinavia. A unique woody backbone of this product is achieved with juniper boughs sustainably foraged from the foothills and mountains near Calgary.

7% ABV
<7 IBU
Malt- Pilsner, Munich
Hops — Cascade
Yeast — Bread Yeast
Other — Juniper Boughs

World inspired, locally sourced

At Stonyslope, we serve to honour the history of the great brewmasters before us, and see the beauty in the simple things.

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To enjoy alone or with your kin

With freshly baked bread, feasting boards and fermented vegetables, our menu is as diverse as it is unique. Find a companion to your favourite beer.

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A sample of the Stonyslope Brewing Company feasting boards, with crackers, some jam, and cheese